If you are reading this page, it may well be because you are either concerned about your own sexual behaviour or someone close to you.

Before I talk about sex addiction, lets first look at addiction itself. Addiction is generally linked to mental health problems and used as a coping mechanism to deal with one's feelings and emotions. It's escapism that helps the individual deal with past issues that have never been resolved.

Addiction is when an individual is unable to stop doing something that is disturbing them, even though they may have pledged never to do it again. Finally, having an addiction can wreck lives.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex is a fundamental part of many adults' lives and without it, life wouldn't go on. However, if your relationship with sex is a concern to you then there may be a problem.

Do you have a habit of doing any of the following on a regular basis?

  • Having multiple sexual relationships even if you have a partner
  • Visiting massage parlours
  • Visiting online chat lines
  • Excessive viewing of Pornography
  • Having same-sex encounters when you ordinarily see yourself as Heterosexual.

If the answer to any of the above is yes and your sexual behaviour is worrying you, then it's time to seek help.

Pornography Addiction

To some people watching porn on a daily basis is ok, and for others, it's not ok. It's your relationship to porn that deems if it's a problem.

Porn Addiction is a subject that is seldom talked about, well, not in public anyway. How many adults would want to admit that they have an addiction to porn? It's a subject that is not discussed openly but it is a problem that is growing rapidly.

The porn industry is worth in the region of a staggering £13BN. There are over 420M pages of pornographic material online worldwide (IFR). 25% of all daily search engine requests are for pornography (68 million searches daily) (IFR) With these statistics in mind is it any wonder that there are adverse effects on the individuals that watch it? It's also surprising to know that 42.7% of internet users view porn (IFR).

Why is this a problem?

It's all to do with neuroplasticity, which in a nutshell means that it creates a change within the brain. It changes how we think and behave. Our brains are wired to enjoy, and when we enjoy something our brain decides that we want more of what makes us feel good. One of these neurotransmitters is called dopamine. Dopamine searches for satisfaction but its problem is that it gets easily bored. Dopamine is always looking for greater satisfaction. If you find yourself regularly watching porn and unable to stop - then there is a problem.

Pornography AddictionThe problem with dopamine is that it often arises on the back of anxiety and depression. If someone is anxious or depressed they may look towards porn as a way of escaping the reality of what is going on in their lives. It helps numb their suffering.

Watching excessive amounts of porn is often escapism. However, the problem does create a variety of other issues, such as feelings of guilt, shame, and self-loathing. It also causes arguments with partners and can even lead to relationship breakdowns. Excessive use of porn also causes ED, (Erectile Dysfunction).

If you feel that your relationship to sex or pornography is a concern please feel free to contact me in the strictest confidence on 07465 226668.

Also visit my dedicated Sex and Porn Addiction website here, for further information.

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